Lion’s Blood by Steven Barnes

The byline describes the tale as a story of enslavement in an alternative reality.  I’m less than 15% into the book and at first I was just plodding along and was feeling kinda sci-fi-ey futuristic about the story and then today while having brunch with my daughter and grandchildren and looking around with the underpinning thoughts about Trayvon Martin, I looked around in the comfortable and familiar environment and saw the place was filled with mostly White women appearing pleasant and relaxed and I thought “I wonder what its like to live in a world were the world’s resources are garnered all for your well being and comfort?”  I’m not blind to the fact that just by living in America that I’m a recipient, if even marginally, of some benefits, but not without extreme struggles and sacrifices of my cultural ancestors.  But how would life have been different for Africans world wide if the shoe had been on the other foot?  This is what Barnes is exploring.

The story starts in 1863 in a Gaelic village when after a night of celebrating, invaders come in the early morning dawn and raid the village for what will become the slave trade with Black people at the helm of the industry and Whites as the pawns.  It will be interesting to see how Barnes justifies the reversal.

More, later…


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