Reidiker’s Book will be another slow read

I finished the Intro and the first chapter Saturday…again, as with Hartman’s book, every page contains deep thought provoking information.  After each paragraph or two, my spirit enters the text and begins to create its own world…it takes a while to exit off of a slave ship, especially when the voyage sails into contemporary, modern times of today.

If I had a dime for every time I’ve heard “my family didn’t own slaves” or “we just need to get beyond all that old history” or “that was your generation hung up on all that”, I’d be drowning in dimes.  Reidiker is writing with such clarity that it is undeniable to show there is not a disconnect from history.  It is my stance that history is fluid and continuous…you don’t get to your tomorrows by cutting off your yesterdays.  With clarity he connects what we take for granted and “assume” what has been true all along or some “destiny” that the fruits of capitalism was built on and continues to be built on the expansion of slavery and subjugation and exploitation.   We’ve got to swallow the bitter with the sweet.


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  1. Noreen

    “If I had a dime…”
    I can’t tell you how many people here say things like “I didn’t take anyone’s land.” etc etc What are they thinking? We stand on the shoulders of our ancestors. If our ancestors took land… Or, if someone else’s took land and then we came over and profited from that… We don’t get to just jump into the middle of the story saying “I only just arrived.”
    It’s a different story in Canada – different, but the same.

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