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Wow?! Six Months Without An Entry

I’ve been reading mostly books on art and craft which I do not put on My Eyes…

One Hundred Years of Solitude is my current fictional read and I’m enjoying the world that Marquez created.  Its a story that reads as if there is no story.  I’m taken along as if I’m experiencing the unfolding of my own life, with little premonition of what is coming.  The beginning of the story which I’d mistaken for the end of the story is actually the beginning of the middle.  (If you haven’t read it, that was a spoiler). 

I’m beginning to think the overall question Marquez’ is exploring is just how much of our life is fate and destined, or just how much is happenstance and coincidental…

My admiration and love for this story is the way the supernatural coexists with the natural and human-made followed by characters who are complex and all lovable even in their most vulnerable and flawed state.  They all are one another’s antagonist at varying times just as much as they are one another’s supports.  There is a strong sense of belonging, one to another for all the wrong and right reasons is arguable.

I still have about 2/3’s of the book to read.  I’ll do a final commentary when I’m finished.


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