The last 1/3rd of The Unknown World

became intense with me wanting to know how the folks in this world where going to turn out.  I did like the way Jones projected into the future without taking away from the current affairs that the characters where dealing with.  That was a nice touch.  To make the assertion that Jones is asserting that class and status have more of an impact than race (but not to the negation of race) would require a second thorough rereading of the book (which isn’t going to happen anytime soon) but I was left with that as a general impression.  Maybe it was due to how well Jones handled class and status.   See, I did manage to warm up to a Pulitzer Prize winning novel.   

Remember when I said that the character that showed the most intrigue for me was Alice, a woman that was not sound in the head?  Well without giving it away, she held sway with me until the very end and I was quite pleased…I should have guessed what her occupation would become.

 Here is a link to read more about the author and his books:


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