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Goddesses in Art by Lanier Graham

(1st Edition, 1997, Artabras-A Division of Abbeville Publishing Group)

A few months ago at art quilt critique group one of the members quipped that she was tired of seeing “goddess” images.  I’m not sure now if she meant the actual images as over done by artist or as a theme.  It stuck with me as I like examining how different artists portray goddesses and now I’m thinking that for me the question is how well the image is portrayed (how unique did the artist portray the image) versus how dependent the image is on other artists portraying the same image (not so unique). 

I just started this book and am still in the introduction which is giving a brief overview of when the images of sacred begin to change from female; female/male to solely male.  Time frames are broken into the Stone, Bronze, and Iron Ages. 



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The last 1/3rd of The Unknown World

became intense with me wanting to know how the folks in this world where going to turn out.  I did like the way Jones projected into the future without taking away from the current affairs that the characters where dealing with.  That was a nice touch.  To make the assertion that Jones is asserting that class and status have more of an impact than race (but not to the negation of race) would require a second thorough rereading of the book (which isn’t going to happen anytime soon) but I was left with that as a general impression.  Maybe it was due to how well Jones handled class and status.   See, I did manage to warm up to a Pulitzer Prize winning novel.   

Remember when I said that the character that showed the most intrigue for me was Alice, a woman that was not sound in the head?  Well without giving it away, she held sway with me until the very end and I was quite pleased…I should have guessed what her occupation would become.

 Here is a link to read more about the author and his books:

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