I’m over half way through this book

when I experienced my first affinity for the writing and the story.  Stamford, a man who annoyed me previously, carried the first intense moments.  I believe he was having hallucinations induced by a “concoction” given to him by a man enslaved on a neighboring farm.  It was during a fierce storm that lead him to face death, no,  welcome it, versus his previous fear of it.  At nearly 50 I believe it was a coming of age spirit quest that he had and that would bring what I’m assuming the author implies as comfort later on in his life.  It could have been said about Stamford, “there is no fool like an old fool” or “a fool at 50 is a fool forever” but Jones made the decision to break that legacy for Stamford.

Elle is reading his other book which is short stories, Lost in the City.  I wonder if any of the characters (in form) can be found in any of the stories.  I might be brave enough to check out the short stories, but not too soon.


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