The Known World by Edward P. Jones

(Amistad, First paperback edition 2004)

I started this book 2 nights ago.  It is about slavery in the 1800s and the story is being pushed forward through blind narration.  Thus far, the dialogue is minimal and only seems to be provided to support the narration. 

Cane River is the last book I read that was set in the 1800s and addressed enslavement and I found that story gripping and sad.  The Known World I’ve yet to “feel” it but will continue to read to see what the author’s point is…generally speaking the story is about an African American slave owner and his slaves after his death…the book summary tells me that chaos is going to ensue.  I hope Alice, the one character that “ain’t quit right in the head” comes out okay.  So far, she is the only one I have a slight affinity for…not that I dislike the characters, they just are…plain, without much personality or physical description.  At times the story has struck me as a draft versus being a final edit.

Some of the phrasing I find beautiful and will share some in future posts on this book.


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