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Dancing On The Edge of The Roof

 a novel by Sheila Williams. I needed something entertaining and funny. Juanita Louis, a pre-menopausal Black Woman runs away from her lack-lustered life of working and surviving (barely) in Cleveland, Ohio to Paper Moon (I wonder if there is such a place) Montana.

Juanita writes in the prologue:

My life has been one long, muddy road after another. Potholes and puddles, a little sunshine here and there, mostly rain, though. Never anything remarkable. Nothing to write home about. But I want to change all that. I want to start over: change myself and my life. Now I don’t want disasters and plagues. And I know the gods won’t let me have a smooth road with sunshine every day either. I want to be fair about this.

But once, just once, I’d like some drama in my life, an adventure, with a dash of romance thrown in. I want a life worth writing about. I want to dance on the edge of the roof. Only up there can you hear the thunder and see the rainbows.

“I’d never faced an octogenarian femme fatale psychic who was a computer hacker before.” (page 101)

“When I’m in the house, or standing on the back porch of the diner, I feel safe. The animal sounds can’t get me. The quiet won’t force me to lose myself in my thoughts. But if I go out there, out in the open, where there’s only trees or open space or mountains and real earth beneath my fee, who’s to say? I have no history with open spaces or mountains or lakes….The Plain seems endless. The mountains kiss the sky. There are no windows to shut.” (page 155)

Here is a short audio interview with the author, who is a native of Columbus, Ohio and a graduate of Univ. of Louisville, here in my hometown:

and here is the author’s website:


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